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Liam the Leprechaun

Available in these Georgia Learning Express locations E.Cobb, Alpharetta, Woodstock and Evans!

"What a creative way to teach children about choice and the consequences of their choices."

 - Kristin (Educator), BA, BS, MBA, MAT

"Overall, the basis of the story is to get children to do their very best! I am excited to try this out with my kids for the first time this year. I am hoping it gets them motivated just like our class Elf did!! :)"

- Caitlin (Educator), Founder of Kindergarten Smiles.Blogspot

"The Naughty Leprechaun book entertains, brings mischief and teaches children to learn the consequences of their choices in a fun, exciting way! My boys love this book and can’t wait for the brothers to visit in March! My 6 year old especially is wondering which one will visit him and what he will do!"

- Christy, Founder of AlpharettaMoms.ORG

"The book is beautifully illustrated, with images colorful and eye-catching for the youngest in your family! This book will definitely stir up the excitement in your children's eyes in the days leading up to St. Patrick's Day. It is sure to become a fun family tradition, and bring out a bit of fun and mischief for the parents, too!"

- Erin, Publisher - Macaroni Kid (Sandy Springs-Dunwoody

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naughty leprechaun

This activity includes a 24 page hardcover book, 3.5" etched coin, and a keepsake box to preserve your tradition for years to come.