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Liam the Leprechaun

Available in these Georgia Learning Express locations E.Cobb, Alpharetta, Woodstock and Evans!

Ideas for Teachers

Pot of Gold

Teachers have your class decide each afternoon which leprechaun will visit!

Ideas for treasures if Liam is picked:

  • Allow the class to go to the treasure box.
  • Have a St. Patrick's Day pencil on each child's desk.
  • Allow a few extra minutes of recess.
  • A chocolate Rollo or chocolate coin on each desk.
  • Shamrock or St. Patrick's Day sticker for each child.
  • An encouraging note from Liam written on the chalkboard.

Ideas for Pranks if Leyland is the choice:

  • Chairs on the desk or turned over.
  • Green toilets.
  • Toilet paper all over the room.
  • Books taken off the shelves.
  • Notes from Leyland written on the chalkboard.

Please send us your fun classroom ideas!


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naughty leprechaun

This activity includes a 24 page hardcover book, 3.5" etched coin, and a keepsake box to preserve your tradition for years to come.